Online Gambling Industry Grows Rapidly In Australia

Australian online gambling industry seems to be doing pretty well, while the poker industries in countries like the US, United Kingdom and in other European nations are expanding and thriving. According to the recent news reports from the country, Australian gambling industry is mainly being driven forward by its online poker sector which is generating the most proceeds.

To go deeper into the details the report suggests, here is what you’ll discover:  the overall gaming income for 2012 will take a decent earnings rise of 3.3 percent, meaning that betting sector in the country will also profit. To go even further, this is what the reports suggest: that the average gambler in the country will spend as much as $1,265 on online casino, poker and sports betting. Moreover, the numbers above are estimated to be average figures, so the expenditures may even rise if considering the spreading trend of online poker and online gambling popularity all over the world.

As online poker is the major sector of gambling industry in Australia, the game will ultimately be responsible for over 60 percent of the total customer spending in the year 2012. According to a spokesperson and representative of Australian online gambling operator, Terry Maverick, the gambling industry has been very strong in Australia for many years now: and this has clearly been helped by the growth of several online gaming websites that offer hundreds of online casino games. The trend seems to retain stable growth and Australia will definitely benefit from online poker, even more than the country does nowadays.


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I think Online casinos Australia helps a lot in the country's economy for it is now a growing industry.

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